Palkor Monastery

Palkor Monastery

Tour Level:

Admission Ticket:

¥60 ( all year around )

Best Tour Time:

Any time is OK.

Altitude: 3,900m

Situated at about 230km south of Lhasa and 100km east of Shigatse, Palkor Monastery is a monastery, having the characteristics of Han, Tibetan and Nepal architectures. The harmony of style is undeniable with each bringing out the best in each other.

The monastery is different to others in Tibet for its architecture combining stupa and temple, and is famous for its kumbum, a magnificent stupa and symbol of the monastery.

Highlights of Palkor Monastery

Main Assembly Hall

The hall is a 3-storey building built between the end of 14th and the beginning of the 15th century. The first floor is a Chanting Hall with 48 columns, which are decorated with old silk "thangkas". An 8-meter-high bronze Maitreya is also on display. On the 2nd floor, "Bodhisattva Manjushri" and "Arhats" were enshrined in the chapels. On the roof, a chapel houses a collection of 15 "mandala" murals, which are in 3-meter diameter.

Myriad Buddha Stupa

Myriad Buddha Stupa there, consists of hundreds of chapels arranged in layers, housing some 100,000 images of Buddhas, vajras, dharma kings, arhats and disciples of the different schools throughout Tibetan Buddhist history. There are some 3,000 statues in total.

Myriad Buddha Stupa of Tashilumpo Monastery

Travel Tips

1. Tourists need to pay another ¥15 if they want to bring their camera into the monastery.
2. To get to Palkhor Monastery, tourists should take the minibus at Shigate Bus Station to Gyangtse. The ticket is about ¥25 per person.
3. After entering the monastery, tourist should walk clockwise from left to right.
4. Be sure to respect the local customs and religious beliefs.
5. It is not bright inside the monastery. If wanting to enjoy the murals, remember to bring a flashlight with you.
6. Take enough clothes to keep warm, sunglasses and suncream to avoid sunburning.

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