Tashilumpo Monastery

Tashilumpo Monastery

Tour Level:

Admission Ticket:

¥80 ( all year around )

Opening Time:

Morning: 09:00 - 12:00;
Afternoon: 14:00 - 17:00.

Altitude: 3,880m

Tashilumpo Monastery is the largest monastery of the Gelug Sect in Tibet. It was founded by the First Dalai Lama in 1447 and its structure was expanded by the 4th and successive Panchen Lamas.

The monastery covers an area of 300,000 square meters. The main structures consist of traditional Tibetan monastic style halls, chapels and other structures connected by precipitous steps and narrow cobblestone alleys, such as Maitreya Chapel, Panchen Lama's Palace and Kelsang Temple.

Highlights of Tashilumpo Monastery

Thangka Wall

Standing on the entrance of the monastery, visitors can see the grand buildings with golden roofs and white walls. The remarkable 9-storey Thangka Wall displays the images of Buddha on the May 14th, 15th, 16th of Tibetan calendar. The images are so humongous that one can easily see them in Shigatse City. The wall paintings are in variety of shapes, resplendent colors and exquisite painting.

Tashilumpo Monastery

Maitreya Temple

Maitreya Temple is one distinct feature of the monastery, located on the western part of the monastery's highest buildings. A 26.2-meter statue sits on a splendid lotus throne in the "European" posture with its hands in the symbolic teaching pose. A single finger of the figure is almost 4 feet in length. Many small versions of the Maitreya are positioned in all four corners of the chamber and the murals on either side of the door show a more active, antic style than any to be seen in Lhasa.

Panchen Lama's Palace

Panchen Lama's Palace is known as Gudong, which is the old living quarters of the Panchen Lama. It is a grand white palace, still closed to tourists and local visitors alike.

Tashilumpo Monastery

Kelsang Temple

Kelsang Temple is one of the oldest and biggest buildings in Tashilhunpo. The main Chanting Hall is a place for lamas to learn the sutras and listen to the Panchen Lama's sermon. A 5-meter-high statue of Sakyamuni lies on the back end of the hall. It is said that a part of Sakyamuni's relics was placed in it.

Travel Tips

1. The opening time: 09:00am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.
2. The entrance ticket is ¥80 per person ( May 1 - Oct. 31 ) and ¥40 per person ( Nov.1 - Apr.30 ). If you come across some important Tibetan festivals, such as Tibetan New Year and Dancing Deity Festival, you may enter the monastery for free.
3. In most hall, taking photos is not allowed. It is advised to firstly ask the lamas for permission and pay for it.
4. Tourists can see how the monks study together in the monastery.
5. Please walk and climb slowly, because here is more likely to get high altitude sickness.

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