Happy Tibetan New Year 2016

Tibetans gather together to celebrate the Losar Festival!

This year, the Losar festival falls on February 9th. Here are the best wishes from tour-tibet.com to all of you! Tibetan New Year Losar, the Tibetan New Year, falls on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar. It is considered as the most significant festival for all Tibetans. During Gutor, the

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2016 Tibetan Festival Calendar

Experience Tibetan Festivals with the locals!

There are many festivals during the whole year, which are not only the tradition for local Tibetans but also great attractions for travelers from all over the world, such as the famous Shoton Festival, Saga Dawa Festival and Horse Racing Festival. If you plan to visit Tibet with a local festival experience, you can check

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Experience Chinese New Year & Tibetan New Year together in the Early February, 2016!

Qie Ma Boxes placed on the Potala Square

Losar, the Tibetan New Year, is a three-day festival, during which there are many Tibetan ceremonies, like hanging prayer flags, sacred and folk dancing, and partying. In 2016, the Losar(Tibetan New Year) begins on February 8, which is one day after the Chinese Lunar New Year. So it is a rare chance to experience Chinese

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Tips for Applying for Tibet Visa and Permit from Nepal

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Travel Tibet from Nepal

Besides the mainland China, Nepal is another popular gateway to enter Tibet. It is easy to get Tibet permit and visa in Nepal. However, there is also something you should know before you depart from Nepal to Tibet. Apply for Chinese Group Tourist Visa Every non-Chinese traveler who departs from Nepal to Tibet is required

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Visit Tibetan Tea House – A Real Experience of Tibetans’ Life in Lhasa

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Guangming Gangqiong Sweet Tea House is one of the most popular tea house in Lhasa city.

To Tibetans, tea is just like coffee to the westerners. In the past, drinking tea was only limited to noble class, however, with time changing, all Tibetan come to drink tea in their daily life. When you visit Lhasa, you will not miss a chance to have a cup of sweet tea in a local

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The Cheapest Ways to Travel to Tibet

Finding the cheapest way to travel to Tibet.

It will be a lifetime trip to visiting Tibet, and the high cost of a Tibet tour is always a problem that most travelers would concern about. How to save more on a Tibet Tour? How to enjoy the same quality services at a better price?  Here are some tips for you to get your Tibet tour

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FAQs about Tibet Train from Beijing to Lhasa

Beijing Lhasa Train Route

The train from Beijing to Lhasa is one of the most popular travel routes to Tibet by train. Launched in July, 2006, Beijing-Lhasa Train (Z21) is the only daily train running from Beijing and Lhasa. While planning a Tibet tour by train from Beijing to Lhasa, many travelers may have many questions about the fact

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Gyirong Port as the New Gateway for Tibet Nepal Overland Tours

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Gyirong Port, a new gateway for Tibet and Nepal overland tours.

Gyirong Port, located in Gyirong county, Shigatse prefecture, will take place of Zhangmu port, and become a new port for Tibet and Nepal Overland Tours after the tragic Nepalese earthquake on April, 25 this year.   Since the Zhangmu border was damaged a lot in that earthquake, the overland route from Tibet to Nepal had been

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Is it Possible to Visit Everest Base Camp in Winter?

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Visit Everest Base Camp in Winter!

Many travelers to Tibet want to take a trip to Everest Base Camp to see the amazing north face of Mt.Everst. But some of them may hesitate to visit EBC in such a cold season, or want to know weather it is possible or safety to visit EBC in winter. Let’s check the useful information

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2015 Shoton Festival in Lhasa, Tibet – The Biggest and Best Tibetan Festival of Summer

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The large-scale Buddhist Thangka showing on the platform in Drepung Monastery.

2015 Shoton Festival celebrated in Lhasa during Aug.14 to Aug.20, 2015. As one of the most popular traditional festivals in Tibet, Shoton Festial has become a comprehensive celebration and a great occasion for both Tibetans and tourists. During this annual festival, normally held in the month of August, or late in the sixth month or

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