2016 Tibetan Festival Calendar

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There are many festivals during the whole year, which are not only the tradition for local Tibetans but also great attractions for travelers from all over the world, such as the famous Shoton Festival, Saga Dawa Festival and Horse Racing Festival. If you plan to visit Tibet with a local festival experience, you can check our latest 2016 Tibetan Festival calendar to help you arrange your trip to Tibet.

Experience Tibetan Festivals with the locals!

Experience Tibetan Festivals with the locals!

2016 Celebration Date of Tibetan Festivals

Festival Tibetan Calendar Sola Calendar Notes
Tibet New Year
Jan.1 Feb.9 Big dinner, new cloth, worship buddha, parties with friends & relatives
Butter Lamp Festival Jan.15 Feb.22 Fires are lit on roofs; lamps in windows
Saga Dawa Festival Apr.15 May.21 Ritual walks, worship Buddha, gibe alms to lamas and abstain from eating meat in Lhasa
Tashilhunpo Thangka Festival May 14 Jun.20 A giant thangka is hung at Tashilunpo in Shigatse
Incense Festival May 15 Jun.21 Tibetan people dress up and party to drive away ghosts and spirits.
Buddha’s Sermon Jun.4 Jul.8 A feast is held to commemorate Buddha’s first sermon
Shoton Festival Jul.1 Aug.5 Tibetan operas are performed and Buddha paintings are exhibited, wonderful yak race and horsemanship display
Bathing Festival Jul.8 Aug.13 Tibet people go to the river to wash themselves and their clothes for good health
Horse Racing Festival In July In August It is a unique festival in grazing area of Tibet
Ongkor Festival In August In September horse racing, shooting, dancing, and singing, Tibetan traditional Opera, stone lifting and wrestling
Tsong Khapa Memorial Oct.25 Nov.26 Memorial festival of Tsong Khapa’s death, fires lighting on the roofs of Monasteries