Tips for Applying for Tibet Visa and Permit from Nepal

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Travel Tibet from Nepal

Travel Tibet from Nepal

Besides the mainland China, Nepal is another popular gateway to enter Tibet. It is easy to get Tibet permit and visa in Nepal. However, there is also something you should know before you depart from Nepal to Tibet.

Apply for Chinese Group Tourist Visa

Every non-Chinese traveler who departs from Nepal to Tibet is required to apply for Group Tourist Visa through Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It is a kind of single entry visa, which is valid for 15 or 20 days, and the group size may be any number of travelers, even just on traveler.

Please Note: If you have already obtained a Chinese visa before, after you apply for the group tourist visa for visiting Tibet from Nepal, your former Chinese Visa will automatically expires.

Guidelines about How to Get Tibet Visa in Nepal

Since neither Tibet Tourism Bureau nor Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu in Kathmandu accept individual applications for Tibet visa and travel permit, you need to apply for your Tibet visa and permit through a local travel agency, who will also arrange a tour for you.

Once you confirm your Tibet travel itinerary and book travel service with the agency, you need to also provide the scanned copy of your passport, and the agency will apply for the permit and visa on your behalf.

Be in Kathmandu at least 4 days in advance for the visa application. Usually, the agency will deliver the issued visa to your hotel in Kathmandu.