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For foreign visitors to China, the time to travel maybe limited. So flying to Tibet is an ideal way which will take less time and be more comfortable than other options.

Now, there are several big cities in China manage flights to Lhasa which you should keep in mind. Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining, Shangri-La have direct flights to Lhasa, while Kathmandu also manage flight to Lhasa.

By far, there are 5 civilian airports in Tibet: Lhasa Airport, Chamdo Airport and Nyingchi Airport, as well as Ngari Airport and Xigaze Airport.

Tibet Flights Route Map

Tibet Flight Route Map

Tibet Flights Schedule & Fare ( 2014 )

RouteDurationFare in CNYFrequency
Beijing - Lhasa 4 hrs 35 mins 2430 Daily
Shanghai - Lhasa 5 hrs 55 mins 2760 Daily
Xian - Lhasa 2 hrs 55 mins 1650 Daily
Guangzhou - Lhasa 5 hrs 15 mins 2500 Daily
Chengdu - Lhasa 2 hrs 1500 Daily
Chongqing - Lhasa 2 hrs 25 mins 1630 Daily
Xining - Lhasa 2 hrs 30 mins 1610 Tue.Wed.Thu.Sat.Sun.
Shangri-La - Lhasa 2 hrs 5 mins 1380 Daily
Kathmandu - Lhasa 1 hrs 30 mins 2690 Tue. Thu. Sat.

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