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Tibet Travel Permit Information Published on Mar.23, 2015

News: On Mar.19th, Tibet Tourism Bureau has accounced that the Tibet permit application would start from today (Mar.23rd, 2015) and it is much earlier this year, compared with the last few years. Now if you are planning a Tibet tour this year, it is time to start to book an itinerary with a Tibet tour agency (like www.tour-tibet.com) and entrust them to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.

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Mar. 2015

Tibet Travel Permit for Mt.Kailash Region Tour Suspended from Oct 1, 2014

News: It is officially announced by the Tibet tourism bureau and other departments that Tibet travel permit for Mt.Kailash and far western Tibet tours would be closed from Oct.1st, 2014, because of the worsening weather and traffic safety concerns. Even if you already obtained all the permits to Kailash region, you still need to rearrange the itinerary and get out of the region before Sept 30th, 2014.

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Sept. 2014

Mount Kailash Permit is issued from Aug. 21, 2014

From the end of June, Non-Chinese citizen travelers can get Tibet Travel Permit for Mount Kailash Tours and far western Tibet to the whole Ngari Prefecture, but there is some strict restictions:
1. Travelers must are the age of below 70 to get the permit;
2. In a group, it needs at least 3 people from the same country, even travelers holding mulitiple passports are not able to get the Kailash permit.

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Aug. 2014

Mount Kailash Permit is issued from June 25, 2014

News: Ending two monthes suspending service of Ngari Region Permit, foreign visitors can get permission to visit Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake from June 25, 2014.

As a local Tibet travel agency, we got very reliable confirmation from Tibet Tourism Bureau: Ngari Prefecture will be reopened from today!

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June 2014

Frontier Pass to Ngari Region is Suspended for foreign tourists from April 24, 2014

From April 24, 2014, Lhasa suspends Frontier Pass to Ngari Region. The time for re-publishment is undetermined. For foreign visitors, they could not visit the popular highlights: Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. For domestic visitors, they can apply for Tibet Frontier Pass at the local Public Security Bureau of their registered permanent residence.

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Apr. 2014

Tibet Travel Permit has been issued from late March, 2014

Tibet Tourism Bureau has begun to issue Tibet Travel Permits for foreign tourists in March 28, 2014. The permits include Tibet Travel Bureau Permit ( TTB permit ), Alien's Travel Permit ( PSB permit ) and Military Permit.

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Mar. 2014

Frequently Asked Questions of Tibet Travel Permit

  • 1. Who needs to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit?

    All foreign tourists ( non-Chinese passport holders, overseas Chinese people, and Taiwanese ) need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit when they plan to enter Tibet Autonomous Region.

  • 2. Which kinds of Tibet Travel Permits do I need to travel in Tibet?
    Four permits:

    Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit - "TTB permit", "Tibet Entry Permit", "Tibet Visa" or "Lhasa Visa"; a must-have permission for foreign tourists entering Tibet from mainland China, Nepal or other countries.

    Aliens' Travel Permit - "PSB permit"; a must permit for foreign tourists visiting the "unopened areas" out of Lhasa, such as Nyingchi region, Ngari region. Your passport and TTB permit are required for applying for.

    Military Permit - a permit for those who are planning to travel the military sensitive areas in Tibet, such as the border with other countries. Traveling together with TTB permit and PSB permit.

    Frontier Pass - the official permit for all travelers from home and aboard, who travel to the border between Tibet with other regions or countries.

    Two visas:

    Chinese Visa - "China Visa" or "China Entry Visa"; an officially approved document to foreign tourists applying for, to enter, leave or transit through mainland China.

    Group Visa - a "must" for tourists entering Tibet from Kathmandu, Nepal, no mater whether you already have a Chinese Visa or not. Traveling together with other Tibet Travel Permits.

  • 3. How to apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

    Because Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept individual applications for permits, visitors must entrust a Tibet local travel agency to apply for TTB permit, Frontier Pass and Military Permit. As a local travel agency, we can do for you. You need to contact us at contact@tour-tibet.com, book our service, tell us your detailed personal information, send us the documents: copy of your passport, copy of your China visa and work/ study certificates. Then we send your permits to your places.

    Aliens' Travel Permit can be applied for after your arrival from Public Security Bureau in Tibet. But we suggest that you entrust us to apply for you, because it is much easy via our service.

    Group Visa must be applied for at Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. You need get TTB permit and Invitation Letter from Tibet local travel agency, and they entrust Nepal local travel agency to apply for Group Visa.

  • 4. How long does Tibet Travel Permit application process take?

    Usually, it can be issued in 3 - 5 working days. But if you want to travel some restricted or unopened areas like Everest Base Camp, Mount Kailash, it need several different permits, then it would take more time. If you need our service, please contact us at least 25 days prior to your Tibet tour starting.

  • 5. How much does the Tibet Travel Permit cost?

    TTB Permit is free for foreign tourists. But you need to pay $100 to $200 per person for the application service of travel agency. For us, we spend a lot on human resource to handle the application: such as sorting out travel information, preparing paper and electronic documents, dealing with several government departments, delivering the document to tourists, etc.
    Alien's Travel Permit: 50 yuan per person
    Military Permit: 100 yuan person
    Frontier Pass: 50 yuan per person
    Group Visa: different price for foreign tourists from different countries.

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