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Physical Demands

In order to make it easier for you to choose the right trip, we have graded our trips from Grade 1 to Grade 5 according to the degree of activities and altitude.

  • Grade 1: Light and short walking in high altitude ( about 3500m to 4000m ); suitable for all level of fitness levels, and family with kinds and senior groups.
  • Grade 2: Light walking and hiking in high altitude ( about 3500m to 4500m ); suitable for most fitness levels.
  • Grade 3: Hiking for several hours in high altitude ( about 3500m to 5000m ); suitable for average fitness.
  • Grade 4: Hiking up to 6 hours per day, long-time driving and sometimes overnight in high altitude ( about 3500m to 5000m ); suitable an elevated level of fitness.
  • Grade 5: Trekking and mountaineering, camping in high altitude ( 3500m to 6000m ); suitable for adventures and individual with physically fit and healthy.

* If you have any questions about your tour in Tibet for the physic demands, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 0.5 ~ 23.5 hours.
* It is wise to have a body checking and get your doctor’s advice before visiting Tibet.
* You should not go to Tibet, if you have the following problems: cold; severe anemia; high blood pressure or severe heart disease; pneumonia, tuberculosis, tracheitis or bronchitis.

Tour Pace

  • Leisure: Plenty of time to enjoy your tour and visit the most famous attractions, with comfortable transfer and in a slow pace.
  • Comfortable: Enough time to enjoy your tour with comfortable transfer and in a comfortable pace; spend reasonable amount of time in the attractions.
  • Tight: Enjoy your tour in a tight schedule, so that you have available amount of time to visit as many attractions as possible.

High Altitude of Tibet

Altitude of Tibet Regions

High Altitude Sickness is common phenomenon in Tibet, due to the altitude ( more than 3,000m ) and the decreasing availability of oxygen. Most people will experience different degrees of symptoms, which has nothing to do with age or sex, just relate to individual physical condition and ascent altitude.

  • Mild Symptoms of AMS include:
  • * Dizziness, Headache
  • * Nausea
  • * Shortness of breath
  • * Loss of appetite
  • * Disturbed sleep, Fatigue
  • * Rapid heartbeat
  • * Blood pressure rising

How to reduce or avoid High Altitude Sickness? Please read High Altitude Sickness.

Is this trip for me?

Tour Type: Private tour guide & vehicle
Departure: any day you want
Best time: all season (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
Tour Code: TT - PTBL - 08A
Duration: 8 days & 7 nights
8 Days Beijing Lhasa Tour by Train
The price varies according to the number of people in your group, hotel rating, vehicle type (jeep, minivan or minibus) and other services you request. Please contact us with these important details first. (Most of our private trips don't include the lunch and dinner, as travelers have different views on Tibetan food. Our tour guide will recommend the restaurants based on your interests once you are there if you need. Usually the cost on food in Lhasa is usually around RMB80-100 per day if you don't go to the luxury ones. Yet, it may cost you RMB110-130 per day on meals once you travel outside of Lhasa as the price is higher at those remote areas.)
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