Horse Racing Fair and Archery Festival

Horse Racing Fair is a unique festival in the Tibetan grazing areas. It is usually held in the 7th month of Tibetan calendar, when the pasture is lush and horses and cows are strong and stout. The most famous one is the Nagqu Damxung Horse Racing Festival.

Horse Racing Fair Festival

The History of Horse Racing Festival

After the democratic reform was carried out in 1959, especially in recent 20 years or so, the horse racing has been endowed new meanings. The traditional fun activities include folk dancing, art performance, fashion show and folk customer display, and new ones include inviting bid for business and trade, commodity exchange, science popularization, law publicity and medical care. Nowadays, the horse racing festival has become a grand ceremony to boost economy and accelerate economic development.

Archery Match of Horse Racing Fair Festival

The Celebration of Horse Racing Festival

As the horse racing starts, herdsmen will come from a long way by horse or yak, wearing colorful clothes for festivals, and all kinds of jewels and ornaments. The horse racing field will instantly be surrounded by tents. The house racing intends to test the controlling ability of the horseman and the viability, exploding force and stability of the horse.

The peak celebration is lies on July 10, 11 12. At the beginning of the race, two officials stand at each side of the lane holding a rope as the starting line while the finish line is marked with a white line on the ground. With the pistol fired, the competition formally begins. All competitors who enter the top 20 places will be awarded.

Another competition activity is the archery match. The competitor are consisted of leaders from all classes of the tribes. Each one will shoot 3 arrows at the archery target at the archery target, locating 100 meters away from the competitors. Anyone who hit the target will be awarded 5 taels of Tibetan silver and a Kara of good quality.

In the third days, young men and women sing and dance in their best and go after their lovers, after their one-year hard working. The whole city is full of the festival happiness.

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