Saga Dawa Festival

Saga Dawa Festival is one of the most influential religious festivals in Tibet. Buddhists believe that Sakyamuni was born, became Buddha and attained heaven in April. In memory of the Buddha, Buddhists take ritual walks, worship Buddha, give alms to lamas and abstain from eating meat in the inner, middle and outer parts of Lhasa. All the activities last through the whole April of Tibetan calendar.

Saga Dawa Festival

The festival falls on April and reaches its climax on April 15. For worshiping, Buddhism followers walk on and recite scriptures around the outer part of Lhasa, forming a grand troop. At the place near Kailash, the old prayer flagpole is taken down and the new one is put up. Each prayer flag represents a prayer that someone wants fulfilled. The flags are let to fly in the air so as to increase the potential for answering. The scenery in the area is ruggedly beautiful with rocky cliffs and high snow-capped mountain peaks.

When passing by mulberry stoves or fires, they add cypress, branches, mugwort, Chinese photinia or zamba. At intersections of roads, they will put off their hats to bow towards the direction of the Potala Palace. Thousands of people lie down or stand to pray in front of it. Tibetan people also go to a park near the Potala Palace that is called Dzongyab Lukhang Park for a large-scale outdoor picnic, singing and dancing in the late afternoon.

The Prayer's Flag near Mount Kailash

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