Useful Tibetan Numbers & Words

Considering special geographical condition in Tibet region and the difference between Tibetan language and English, here we collected some useful numbers and words for you to learn and remember in case you will need them.


General Numbers

    Police: 110     Weather Forecast: 12121
    Fire: 119     Local Phone Number Inquiry: 114
    Ambulance: 120     Consumer Complain: 12315

Tibet Transportation

    Gonggar Airport Information Desk: 0891-6216465 or 0891-6182220    
    Tibet Autonomous Region: 0891-6824469    

Tibet Hospitals

    People's Hospital of Tibet: 0891-6332462    
    Lhasa People's Hospital Emergency Center: 0891-98120    

Tibet Area Codes

    Lhasa: 0891     Shigatse (Xigaze): 0892
    Lhoka (Shannan): 0893     Nyingchi: 0894
    Chamdo (Qamdo): 0895     Nagqu (Nakchu): 0896
    Ngari (Ali): 0897


Tibet Area Codes

        English        Tibetan Language
    I     Ngah
    You     Keh-Rahng
    He / She     Khong-Rahng

Greetings & Polite Words

        English        Tibetan Language
    Hello     Tashi-Deleg (Tashi Delek)
    How are you?     Keh-Rang Ku-Su De-Bo Yin-Peh
    Thank you     Too-Je-Che
    You're welcome     Kay-Nang-Gi-Ma-Ray
    I'm sorry     Gong-Dhaa
    Good-bye     Kah-Leh-Phe
    What's your name?     Ming La Kay-Rey
    My name is...     Ngah ... Yin


        English        Tibetan Language
    Hotel     Zhun-Kangha
    Bank     Wha-Khang
    Hospital     Men-Khang
    Monastery     Kuong-Bah

Shopping in Tibet

        English        Tibetan Language
    Price     Ni-Kong-Zha
    How much     Kah-Tsay
    Expensive     Kong-Zha-Chang-Po
    Cheap     Kong-Zha-Chung-Po
    Money     Bei-Xiha
    What's this?     Dee Kah-Ray
    I will take it     Nhi-Geying
    I will leave it     Nhi-Gemei

Directions & Transportation

        English        Tibetan Language
    Left     Yong-Qang
    Right     Yehang-Qang
    Go straight ahead     Ke-Er-Duom
    Bus     Mozha
    Bus Station     Mozha-Pazhuo

Directions & Transportation

        English        Tibetan Language
    Daytime     Ni-Ma-Kuang
    Night     China-Kuang
    Yesterday     Keh-Sah
    Today     Thi-Ring
    Tomorrow     Sahng-Gai
    Morning     Shiao-Gao
    Noon     Ning-Guh

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