Packing List for Tibet Tour

When planning your Tibet tour, deciding what to pack is not always easy. Do try to remember the principle: Pack the minimum!

Here we work out the packing list below which could be helpful. Because Tibet is on the the roof of the world and its parts is in the remote areas, you should consider what to pack in advance.

1. Visa & Permits

Your passport, China Visa or Tibet Group Visa, Tibet Travel Permits.

2. Clothes

Most parts of Tibet lies in the high altitude, and the temperature change greatly in different seasons of a year, even in a single day the temperature difference is big. In Lhasa, the temperature in July arrives at 30℃ at daytime, but falls to 10℃ at night, so you'd better take some down garments ( those with hats will be better ), woolen sweaters, warm gloves, warm and wind-proof shoes and socks.

In winter, from November to next March, travelers need bring down jackets, warm sweaters, gloves, warm pants, woolen hats.

In summer, wearing a T-shirt in day time but the Jacket is necessary at hotel in the morning and evening. A down coat is necessary for those who are traveling beyond Lhasa and Shigatse into more remote areas, such as Everest Base Camp.

During the peak tourism season: April, May, September and October, travelers need to prepare T-shirts, overcoats and jeans, warm sweaters, water-proof clothing and raingear, etc.

Read more about Tibetan weather: best time to visit Tibet.

3. Shoes

A strong, lightweight, comfortable pair of shoes is necessary wherever you travel in Tibet region.

4. Bags

A large backpack, a smaller one and a waist bag will make your tour perfect. The larger one is for packing all your things when you travel to Tibet, which make you not to lose one. But do not take it with you when you travel some attractions and putting it in your hotel is OK. The smaller one can be used for daily activities and can also be put into the larger one when necessary. The waist bag is for taking some small and important things with you.

5. Daily Necessaries

If you travel in big cities of Tibet, such as Lhasa, Shigatse, you can purchase daily necessaries in the supermarkets and stores. But traveling to the remote are, it is better to bring your own items, such as a cup, a small towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers and some disposable underpants.

6. Medicines

Diamox pills for preventing the altitude sickness; Aspirin for cold or headache; regular medicine for stomach ache, insect bite, diarrhea and so on; Nasal ointment and throat lozenges if you are sensitive to chilly of freezing weather conditions.

The medicines are available to buy in Lhasa. But in order to prevent the serious altitude sickness, please consult your doctor prior to your tour in Tibet.

Read more about Tibet High Altitude Sickness.

7. Skin-care Products

Lip balms, sun block, skin creams, sunglasses, a hat, a long-sleeved T-shirt.

8. Cash & Credit Cards

When traveling in Tibet, remember to bring enough cash: Renminbi or Chinese Yuan ( RMB & CNY ), because foreign currency can not be used directly and only Bank of China offers foreign exchange services and facilities in Tibet.

Credit Cards are not recommended as a way of payment in Tibet because almost 99% of shops just accept cash or bank wire transfer and paying by credit card is more expensive with 3-4% processing fee.

Read more about Tibetan Currency & Credit Card.

9. Food & Drinks

When traveling the remote areas of Tibet regions, it is good idea to pack some food, snacks, drinking water and fruits. High energy food and saline water are better.

10. Trekking Equipments

Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, stoves, cookware, camp kitchen, water filter, purifiers, back packs, dry bags, pack liners, trekking poles, hydration system, headlamps and lighting, camp bathroom, tents and tarps, first aid kits, emergency shelters, random handy gear, navigation, expedition food, hammocks, multi-tools, lock knives, Swiss army Knives, etc.

11. Oxygen Bag

It is also necessary to bring Oxygen Bag at the areas of high elevation. The oxygen bag could be bought in hospitals and hotels in Tibet.

12. Other Useful Notions

1) Tibetan maps and maps of Tibetan prefecture; ( Read more )
2) Plastic bags, a flashlight, extra batteries, sewing kit, lighter and a pocket knife;
3) A sturdy padlock;
4) Electronic communication devices;
5) Guide books for Tibet tour.

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