Mount Kailash Permit is issued from June 25, 2014

News: Ending two months suspending service of Ngari Region Permit, foreign visitors can get permission to visit Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake from June 25, 2014.

As a local Tibet travel agency, we got very reliable confirmation from Tibet Tourism Bureau: Ngari Prefecture will be reopened from today! Below are some rules and policies:

1) Ngari Prefecture will be reopened again from June 25, 2014. The maximum reception capacity is about 50 tourists per day. But tourists over 70 years old will not be accepted for this time.

2) This Ngari permit is just issued to the those travelers who are having their the first-time trip in Tibet. If you are the re-trip travelers, you will not get the permit.

3) Groups with multiple nationalities will not be accepted. Travelers are advised to travel with families and friends in the same company.

4) If a group has 10 to 20 members, 2 tour guides should be assigned. If the group has over 20 travelers, the members of travel agencies should accompany the group.

5) All the tour guides and drivers should possess necessary licenses, and vehicles should be equipped with the operating licenses.

6) Every day, the group should report to the situation and status to Tibet Tourism Bureau.

7) If any problem happens, please report to Tibet Tourism Bureau, Public Security Department and other related departments immediately.

8) A GPS phone is the best choice for the group, for there is not the signal in Ngari Prefecture.

Mount Kailash

Kora around Mount Kailash

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