Mt.Everest Base Camp Tours, Travel FAQs & Suggestions

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Mt.Everest, the top of the world, is one of the most awaiting peaks and people dream to conquer it. There is no any place in the world more spectacular than in the Everest region with amazing scenic scnery and unique Himalayan culture. Our 8 days Tibet Everest Exploration private tour and group tour are two most popular tour itneraries and booked by hundreds of our previous travelers. Based on their feedbacks and our tens of field trips, we sorted out a collection of Mt.Everest tour faqs and suggestions to help you plan your next Everest trip better.

Everest Base Camp Tour

Mt.Everest Base Camp

1.) If you would like to spend a night at the tent of the Everest Base Camp, be prepared with the bad toilet and food conditions. And the food in the tents charges quite high relatively. Usually 30RMB for a bowl of soup noodles. So you’d better take some pot noodles and vegetables. Generally 6~8 of tourists cram into beds side by side, and there may be more tourists in the peak season, so don’t expect luxury.  The best time to see the sunrise view of Everest peak are April, May and Septmeber.

(Spending the night at the Everest Base Camp will always be a lifetime experience as you will see most of Everest in the morning. Being able to look at it from here and just like being in its presence, which is an incredible experience.)

2.) Don’s & Never drink; one of our previous travelers ignored our tour guides’ demands, and drank a little secretly and he extremely illed up later because of the high altitude sickness. We had to take him to the Lhasa hospital by driving overnight.

3.) For the travel from Shigatse to Mt.Everest base camp, if your group members are within 4 people, choose 4WD (cars). May be they charge you around 150$ /person, but more comfortable and faster.

4.) Be prepared with warm clothing and jackets;

5.) It is better to carry packed foods and plenty of dry fruits;

For further Everest Base Camp tour advices and suggestions, please feel free to contact us via, and we keep updating this page, and please get back to check frequently if this is what you are interested in.