Booking a Tibet tour as easy as 1, 2, 3...

The following chart simply shows you how to book a tour with

  • 1 Contact one of our professional travel consultants

    Whether you want to plan your trip in Tibet or you have other ideas, please do get in touch by phone ( 86+182 1104 4601 (24/7) ), email ( or or online ( contact us ). Our travel consultant will reply you in the first time.

  • 2 Discuss your requirements

    When getting your tour plan, our travel consultants will work together with you to put your plan into action under their the first hand knowledge about Tibet tour. They can answer your questions, offer, suggestions and advice to suit your tastes and budget.

  • 3Refine your tailor-made itinerary

    Your travel consultant will carefully design your trip, creating a detailed itinerary which you will receive in the email and online. He/ she will answer any further questions you have and refine it until you are completely happy.

  • 4Confirm your tour itinerary

    Once you are satisfied with all the arrangements, we help you complete the tour booking process and you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the total cost of your trip.

  • 5Stay in touch after booking

    Even after booking, you will undoubtedly think of more questions. Please feel free to call your travel consultant at any time. The same consultant will handle your trip from starting to finishing.
    When starting your tour, you need to finish the final payment and then start your dream Tibet tour with us!

Popular Questions of Booking

  • 1. How many ways can I contact you?
    We offer the following contact ways:
    * by email: or
    * click the button of "Tailor Your Own Trip"
    * click the button of "Free Inquiry"
    * click "contact us"
    * by phone: 86+182 1104 4601
  • 2. Do I have to travel on certain dates?
    Because all of our tours are customizable, you can travel with us on any date you wish ( depending on flights ).
    The itineraries provided on our website are only sample, and you can change any destinations to suit your tastes and budget. Your travel consultant will provide advice and answer your questions.
  • 3. How can do the payment?
    Once you are satisfied with all the arrangements and your tour is confirmed, you need to pay a deposit of 20% of the total cost of your trip, via PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, Wire Transfer.
    When starting your tour, you need to finish the final payment and then start your dream Tibet tour with us!
  • 4. Can I talk to a travel consultant in person?
    Yes ! We welcome our clients to come to our company and speak with our travel consultant face to face. And then customize your Tibet tour together with you.
  • 5. Will I be travelling as a member of a group?
    No. Our tailor-made trips are arranged on an individual basis, which mean you are not tied to the wishes of a group and you can arrange your itinerary at your own pace.
    If you are interested in a Group Tour, we do offer a arranged tour in a small group of up to 16 people.
  • 6. Can I arrange my Tibet tour on my own? Is is easier and cheaper?
    No. When you plan to tour Tibet, you firstly need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permits, which must be entrusted to a local travel agency for application from Tibet Tourist Bureau.
  • 7. Can I cancel my tailor-made tour?
    Yes ! If you want to cancel your tailor-made tour due to some factors, you can. But you will be liable to pay cancellation charges that are bounded by Tour Tibet cancellation policy. Please read more about Terms and Conditions.

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